What To Look For In Workout Attire?

Workout attire may be some of the worse clothing to shop for, not only because you want comfort, but practical. Now, don’t get us wrong grabbing those pair of sweats with a baggy t-shirt for a workout sesh. Although, we tend to strive for a selection of workout attire that allows your skin to breath and generally serves one purpose. A solitary workout wardrobe.

1.) Try On Before Buying

We get it. Everyone has those days where no one wants to try on cleans for multiple numbers of reasons. So try on that t-shirt, sports bra, shorts, yoga pants, or leggings before committing the cash.

2.) Breathable Fabric

Not all but, some workout attire can lead to over sweating and possible chaffing. No one wants to deal with that. Be sure to check out if the material has a slight stretch but, a cotton-based fabric.

3.) To Wear Shorts Or Not To Wear Shorts

First off, if you feel comfortable shorts or pants, do what you feel comfortable wearing. End of discussion. This is about your comfort, not about how someone else should think you should dress.

4.) Separate Attire From Your Everyday Normal Wear

The main reason we prefer workout attire separate from your everyday wear is simple, your workout clothes take more of a beating than the rest.  You can guarantee your workout shirts and shorts/pants will end up with rips, tears, or some sort of accident. Plus even after losing weight, no one wants to run out and keep buying new clothes each time. Too much money will be wasted on that front. So you’ll be saving a few bucks in the process.

Go for a breathable, stretchy fabric that also has a cotton blend. When it comes to style that is completely up to you, stay hydrated and enjoy that workout!

What Should You Look For In Workout Shoes?

Finding the right pair of workout shoes is considered a top priority. Yet, this is often the last necessity on our list of items to invest, when it comes to fitness. Having the right pair of workout shoes can mean a world of difference. Between lower backaches, muscle aches, and even joint pain. What would be a few key points you should know when shopping for a new pair of athletic kicks?

1.) Arch Support

If there is no arch support when you clearly have a high arch, you’ll be in some pain. With a lack of arch support, you can suffer from fatigue in the lower legs and feet. This often will put stress on the lower part of the body and can even cause strenuous lower back pain.

2.) Good Sole Cushioning

This is where the cushioning of a shoe comes into play. If the sole of a shoe is thin, you can expect that your knees will be absorbing the impact while walking, running, or virtually anything.

3.) Pick The Right Size

Never go for a size under or above, the actual size you wear. Keeping your toes cramped up by wearing 1/2 or a full size smaller is a big no. Never do this. Not only can you cause severe nerve damage, but your toes and the width of your foot need space to breath.

4.) When Shopping for Workout Shoes, Go At The End Of The Day

Yep! A quick little tip, our feet swell throughout the day because we’ve been on them for some time. So, when it comes to shopping for a pair of kicks, leave it for the end of the day.

5.) Breaking In Shoes Is A Complete Myth

Don’t follow this old tale, because it’s not true. If the shoe does not fit, it’s for a reason. Breaking in shoes should not be a part of your day. Either the shoes will offer the right kind of support or not at all.


Heart Rate Monitor Training

Heart Rate Monitor Training -What is it?

The idea of heart rate monitor training may seem a little far-fetched, but the growing popularity of personal fitness devices is making heart rate monitors more and more common. A great deal of workout equipment and personal devices come equipped with heart rate monitors. The question is do you have any idea how to use them properly?

Heart rate monitor training is to help you learn how to properly use your personal device or independent heart rate monitor. Monitoring your heart rate during workouts and marathons can prove to have many benefits; such as helping to monitor your training and assure proper recovery after extreme physical events. Heart rate monitoring can also give you a visual of how hard you are running at what times. This will give you the ability to see when you should be working harder or giving yourself time to recover during marathons or extreme events.

Heart rate monitors can be enabled to beep when your body reaches specific heart rate levels.

  • 50%-60% of maximum heart rate is the ideal training and fat burning level.
  • 60%-70% of maximum heart rate the recovery zone.
  • 70%-80% of maximum heart rate is the training zone that develops and improves the cardiovascular system.
  • 80%-90% of maximum heart rate is the anaerobic zone and is used to develop your lactic acid system.
  • 90%-100% is the red zone and is meant only for short periods of time, it is beneficial to developing speed during sprints.

In order to train by these heart rate monitoring levels, you must accurately monitor your heart rate. Over time, you will gain an understanding of when your body reaches these different labels as everyone’s heart rate is different and can reach different levels at a different time.  In order for you to effectively use heart rate monitoring to your advantage, you will need a constant feedback on your own heart rate. For complete heart rate training, a heart rate monitor that has a chest strap is most effective.

It is best that you always keep in mind the different factors that can affect your heart rate. Such as sleeplessness, caffeine, stress, and extreme heat. All of these factors can alter your heart rate, causing your body to be working out in a different zone than your heart is.

How to Begin Heart Rate Monitor Training

The first step to heart rate monitor training, besides the obvious of purchasing a heart rate monitor.  Come up with a plan. You will need to monitor your heart rate and learn your body’s reactions to different heart rate levels. Once you have a general idea of your normal heart rate levels. You will become aware of the workout levels you wish to meet and for what periods of time. Here you’ll be able to monitor your goals. Wear your heart rate monitor for every workout and take note. Eventually, you will have a must better understanding of your heart rate and your body’s reaction to the different levels.

What Is Considered A Paleo Exercise?

Paleo exercise? Is this an actual thing? Well, in a way yes. These exercises can be paired with the Paleo diet to help build muscle and cause a more lean/athletic body type. Although the true reason should be for a healthier lifestyle, of course, exercise helps build up the immune system.

First off there is no real physical regime when it comes to the Paleo Lifestyle, the only true requirement is that these exercises are more nature-based. This means running, yoga, or any physical activity that’s based outside rather than any machine oriented workout.

TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

Instead of long cardio workouts, try short intense workouts. These short interval workouts can help achieve a similar result for a more lean/athletic body type.  For some individuals, constant cardio can lead to heightened cortisol levels, which can cause weight gain. Cortisol is primarily associated with depression and high stress/anxiety levels.

whoismargot / Pixabay

The important food for thought is to find what exercises work for you. Do not overcompensate or over-do a session.

Below is a list of at-home workouts that may be beneficial to you:

  • Running
  • Squats
  • Lunging
  • Yoga
  • Using 3 to 5 lb weights for bicep or tricep curls
  • Hiking
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Walking

However, if you are looking for a more intense and muscle-building routine, CrossFit is highly popular among the Paleo lifestyle.Training with a professional who also can introduce conditioning would not only be the safest choice but, also a wise one.

If, Crossfit is too strenuous for you, try Primal Blueprint Fitness. This workout will help find the right routine for your life. Primal Blueprint Fitness is about staying healthy with food consumption and exercising. There’s nothing too insane versus the CrossFit regimen.

Another fitness possibility would be Yoga. Yoga With Adriene shows fundamentals as well as offering free Yoga videos. There are even Yoga Camps and 30 Days of Yoga to help start off the new year.

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This small list contains exercises that would be considered Paleo or for the Paleo lifestyle.