The toughest aspect of eating more healthy or switching to a Paleo-based meal plan is prepping for meals throughout the week. This can cover a huge milestone for getting the right nutritional value through those long-drawn-out work weeks.

What can be done to make this a bit easier?

Start cooking on Sunday. Typically, people tend to have Sunday’s off (or choose the day you do have off) to turn into the “cooking day”. By doing this, you can cook one big meal you’d like to split into 7 portions or a few different meals that can be split up.

So there are no leftovers, ask someone who would like to meal prep as well.

If you are currently living with someone (significant other, family, or roommate), asking for a little help. The other individual could jump-start cooking on Sunday to help out.

Figuring Out The Meals

Ironically enough figuring out the exact meals you want to fix and spread out over a week can be skimmed over. Be sure to have a grocery list and recipes ready before hitting the grocery store.


What’s another important item? Storage containers (a.k.a tupperware of some sort).

Having good Tupperware to securely transport your food from home to work, or other activities are key! No one wants to end up cleaning their car in the middle of the day, because a lid fell off. And then you’ve lost an entire meal and settle for possible fast food options.¬† FInd suitable Tupperware (usually the glassware that have the vacuumed sealed lids work perfectly).

Refrigerate or Freezer?

What to do after meal prepping? Do you simply refrigerate or put them stacked in the freezer?¬†Honestly, this depends on what you’ve fixed. Say you’ve cooked on Sunday, and of course, for Monday simply put that meal in the fridge. Now, this comes down to preference, you can place the meal for Tuesday in the refrigerator as well, or place it with the rest of the week’s meal prep in the freezer. This is because the freezer will keep the freshness of the food for a longer period. It just means you’ll have to set out your meal the night before to unthaw before morning by placing in the fridge.




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