Finding the right pair of workout shoes is considered a top priority. Yet, this is often the last necessity on our list of items to invest, when it comes to fitness. Having the right pair of workout shoes can mean a world of difference. Between lower backaches, muscle aches, and even joint pain. What would be a few key points you should know when shopping for a new pair of athletic kicks?

1.) Arch Support

If there is no arch support when you clearly have a high arch, you’ll be in some pain. With a lack of arch support, you can suffer from fatigue in the lower legs and feet. This often will put stress on the lower part of the body and can even cause strenuous lower back pain.

2.) Good Sole Cushioning

This is where the cushioning of a shoe comes into play. If the sole of a shoe is thin, you can expect that your knees will be absorbing the impact while walking, running, or virtually anything.

3.) Pick The Right Size

Never go for a size under or above, the actual size you wear. Keeping your toes cramped up by wearing 1/2 or a full size smaller is a big no. Never do this. Not only can you cause severe nerve damage, but your toes and the width of your foot need space to breath.

4.) When Shopping for Workout Shoes, Go At The End Of The Day

Yep! A quick little tip, our feet swell throughout the day because we’ve been on them for some time. So, when it comes to shopping for a pair of kicks, leave it for the end of the day.

5.) Breaking In Shoes Is A Complete Myth

Don’t follow this old tale, because it’s not true. If the shoe does not fit, it’s for a reason. Breaking in shoes should not be a part of your day. Either the shoes will offer the right kind of support or not at all.


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