Raspberry ketones are a chemical found in raspberries and other fruits such as kiwi, grapes, peaches, and apples. Raspberry ketones can also be found in some vegetables and tree bark. Raspberry ketones are most popularly used as an ingredient in cosmetics, a skin treatment for hair loss, and as a flavoring agent in foods. It has gained recent popularity as a weight loss supplement after being mentioned on a popular television show. After its national debut, people started seeking out raspberry ketones in any form of supplement they could find available. Raspberry ketone supplements are most often not made or produced from raspberries. Instead, raspberry ketones found in supplements are synthetically made.  The question is, does this really help with weight loss?

What do Raspberry Ketone Supplements Claim They Do for Weight Loss?

The majority of raspberry ketone supplements have the same general claims for weight loss. The supplements are supposed to do things, such as burning stored fat, decreasing blood sugar, increasing adiponectin levels, boost metabolism, and appetite suppressing. Each different supplement has a different set of claims and uses, depending on the brand and dosage.

The Results

Studies have shown some results from raspberry ketones in lab rats and mice but in high dosages. Test results for raspberry ketones on humans are limited and the few studies have had varying results.  According to, Authority Nutrition, humans would have to consume around 100 times the recommended dosage to see similar results to rats and mice used in studies. Even then, the test subjects did not lose weight, they simply gained 5% less weight when gorging on an unhealthy overfill of food.

Should You Try Raspberry Ketones for Weight loss?

The truth of the matter is, no one has any evidence that raspberry ketone supplement’s yield any weight loss results. It is believed that most weight loss results from raspberry are more than likely from other additives in the supplements’. Most supplements contain not only raspberry ketones but also caffeine, ginger, and many other additives that are believed to help with weight loss. While the FDA has approved raspberry ketone supplement “Generally Safe”, there isn’t very much research backing their safeness or effectiveness. There is also a great deal of concern surrounding the fact that some raspberry ketone supplements are advertised as “natural”, when in fact they are artificial simulations of authentic raspberries. This is because real raspberry ketones are both extremely hard to harvest and expensive.

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