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We all know the saying that a cold shower is a perfect solution to calm a romantic frenzy, but you might be surprised to find there are many more reasons to hop into a chilly shower. If you’ve got the guts, taking a cold shower has some amazing health benefits.


  1. Improved Alertness and Less Stress

You’re probably familiar with the shock of jumping into a cold pool or lake, and afterward feeling the rush of energy delivered to your heart pumps just a little harder. Cold water narrows your blood vessels delivering blood to your brain with slightly higher pressure. This excess blood flow to the brain increases your attentiveness and stimulates you into taking deeper breaths, calming your stressed mind.


2. Weight Loss and Decreases Muscle Soreness

Human bodies have two separate types of fat: brown fat and white fat. The white fat is stored as a result of over-eating while brown fat is the “good” fat which stimulates heat production. Studies show that people routinely exposed to extreme cold had their brown fat production increased. Participants were likely to lose nearly ten pounds a year from this practice alone. Cold has the added benefit of decreasing muscle soreness and improving muscle recovery after exercise. This results in more time exercising and less time opting out of the gym due to soreness.


3. Better Skin and Hair

Cold water causes your pores to tighten, reducing the number of healthy oils lost during a hot shower. This prevents them from becoming clogged with dirt or germs which we all know causes pimples. Hair also benefits from starting a cold shower routine by becoming softer and glossier.


4. Improved Immunity

Cold showers boost your immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells present in your blood. These blood cells make up the infection-fighting component of your blood and are essential in preventing disease.


5. Increases Circulation

Cold water also improves circulation and increases glutathione, an antioxidant known for its ability to keep other antioxidants performing at their best.


It’s not easy forming a new habit – certainly one that is so alarming at first – but it is completely worth it. Even if you’re just taking a cold shower every other time, you are making a difference in your appearance, your physical health, and the alertness of your mind (especially morning foggy brain).

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